A Tale of Two Bloggers

A Mom Blogger and a Food Blogger share tips on food blogging trends and best ways for food manufacturers and bloggers to collaborate in “A Tale of Two Bloggers,” published in The Griffin Report of Food Marketing. Griffin Report – A Tale of Two Bloggers at BlogHer Food

Mommy Bloggers Give Back-to-School Food Campaigns High Marks

Mom Bloggers share four creative Back-to-School food campaigns that engaged millions of moms.  Annie’s Homegrown,  Stoneyfield, Balance Bar, Whole Foods, Organic Valley and others teamed up with Mom Bloggers to promote their brands in fun and creative ways.  Let Wendy’s Bloggers show you how to effectively manage your Mom Blogger outreach. Griffin Report – Back-to-School

The Power of Mommy Bloggers

On Israel Public Radio’s “Goldstein on Gelt,”  Wendy Hirschhorn, ceo of Wendy’s Bloggers, explains the mutual benefits reaped by Mom Bloggers and consumer products companies that work together. Listen to the interview: The Power of Mommy Bloggers  

Mommy Bloggers Give Dr. Fischer Dead Sea Mineral Spa Gift Set Rave Reviews

Who knows best what Moms want for Mother’s Day?  Mommy Bloggers!  Dr. Eli Fischer is very appreciate of the great reviews Mom Bloggers are giving  his Dead Sea Mineral Spa Gift Set – just in time for Mother’s Day. Mommy Bloggers Give Dr. Fischer Dead Sea Mineral Spa Mother’s Day Gift Set Rave Reviews

Mommy Bloggers Open Hearts, Minds & Wallets

Americans will spend more than $33 billion on Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts this year.  Food manufacturers can get in on the dough by working with Mom Bloggers who highly recommend food-related gifts to their millions of followers. Read all about it: Mommy Bloggers-Food Gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Wendy and Her Mommy Bloggers

The Jerusalem Post educates Israelis about American Mommy Bloggers and why they’re eager to review products from Israel. Read all about it:  Wendy and Her Mommy Bloggers