Mom Blog Tour Summer Fancy Food Show Heats Up Social Visibility

Mom Blog Tour (#MomBlogTourFF) brings influential Mom Bloggers to key trade shows and expos across the country where they interact with Brands, review new and existing products, create original, authentic and shareable content, photos and videos, and generate millions of impressions. Find out who’s catching fire at Summer Fancy Food Show!

Mom Bloggers Demystify Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties are a fun, fast, economical way to generate consumer engagement and millions of impressions for your brand. In “Mom Bloggers Demystify Twitter Parties,” six Mom Bloggers share their experience and provide tips on getting the most out of your Twitter Parties. When you need help organizing your first or next Twitter Party, let’s… Read more »

First-ever Mom Blog Tour a Rousing Success

Ten exceptional Mom Bloggers generated more than 43,000,000 social shares during the first Mom Blog Tour at Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 in New York City. Read all about it: Mom Blog Tour Debuts at Fancy Food Show If you’re a Fancy Food exhibtor or Mom Blogger, contact Wendy’s Bloggers to find out how you can… Read more »

It’s Worth Educating Mom Bloggers About Natural, Organic Foods

Natural and organic food manufacturers could increase demand for their products at premium pricing with additional consumer education. Educating Mom Bloggers is a good first step. “It’s important for food manufacturers to explain the value that organic or natural foods bring to our lives and why we should pay more,” according to one influential Mom… Read more »

Six Super Supermarkets Work With Mom Bloggers

In  “The Mother Lode,”  published by Grocery Headquarters, read how six supermarket chains wisely invested their marketing dollars in Mom Bloggers. If you have questions or need advice on managing your Mom Blogger outreach, Wendy’s Bloggers is ready to talk to you!

Kudos to Food Manufacturers That Sweeten the Pot for Mom Bloggers

While there are many food and food-related manufacturers that go the extra mile for Mom Bloggers, six of them made the list in “Kudos to Food Manufacturers That Sweeten the Pot for Mom Bloggers” published in Food Manufacturing magazine.  Building long-term relationships and sharing Mom Blogger Review & Giveaway links on your web and social sites are… Read more »

How Fresh Produce Companies and Bloggers Produce Fresh Results

Food and Mom Bloggers provide produce companies access to new audiences, encourage consumer engagement, create recipes and authentic content along with quality videos and photographs, and truly understand how difficult it is to get kids to eat green.