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What is Wendy’s Bloggers?

Wendy’s Bloggers is a bridge for brands to create valuable, on-going relationships with influential Mom Bloggers and their followers.

Why Use Wendy’s Bloggers Rather Than Do It Yourself?

There are nearly four million Mom Bloggers and their ranks are growing. The sheer number is daunting. It takes time to screen Mom Bloggers who have the experience, professional standards and the audience that you require. And, once you do select a team of Mom Bloggers, it takes even more time to nurture each relationship, communicate your needs, and oversee your product reviews and giveaways.

Wendy’s Bloggers manages every aspect of the process for you. What you get are guaranteed results.

What Does Wendy’s Bloggers Offer You?

  • Reliable cost-effective service
  • A carefully vetted group of experienced and influential Mom Bloggers to host your reviews and giveaways
  • Assurance that Mom Bloggers will have a positive experience with your brand and remain loyal brand ambassadors
  • Creative concepts for reviews and giveaways
  • Incentives to help drive traffic to your brand’s website
  • Guidelines so that important brand messages, product shots, video, special directives, and hyperlinks are incorporated into all Mom Blogger reviews
  • Value-added options for your reviews and giveaways
  • A press release distributed on a national wire service
  • Reviews and giveaways that are posted in a timely manner and fact checked for accuracy
  • Links to reviews and giveaways
  • Tabulated results
  • Mom Blogger feedback

What Brands Work Best for Wendy’s Bloggers?

Products that work well with Wendy’s Bloggers include:

  • Food, snacks and recipe-based ingredients
  • Beauty/hair items (makeup, lotions, shampoos, curling irons, nail polish, etc.)
  • Toys
  • Family-friendly music and movies
  • Clothing for moms, dads, kids, toddlers, and infants. Mom Bloggers and their families come in all shapes and sizes, so this includes petite, regular and plus sizes for women; and regular and big & tall for men.
  • Footwear
  • Retailers and special services that focus on Moms and families
  • Gifts
  • Small appliances
  • Tech products
  • Cleaning supplies

How Does Wendy’s Bloggers Work With You?

Working with Wendy’s Bloggers is simple. You need only to tell Wendy’s Bloggers which of your products or services you’d like Mom Bloggers to review and to provide as giveaways.

Wendy’s Bloggers will develop a Scope of Work that includes:

  • A creative review/giveaway theme
  • A timeline

Once you sign off on the Scope of Work, Wendy’s Bloggers will:

  • Create Mom Blogger Guidelines for your outreach
  • Invite a select group of Mom Bloggers to participate in your review and giveaway
  • Confirm that each Mom Blogger will adhere to the Guidelines
  • Review your product materials (fact sheets, press releases, bios, etc.) to ensure that 1) key search terms, links, and brand messages are included; and 2) information is properly formatted for Mom Bloggers to incorporate into their reviews
  • Write/edit a press release announcing your Mom Blogger outreach and distribute it on a national wire service
  • Provide each Mom Blogger with your approved background materials, product shots, logos, and hyperlinks
  • Remain in contact with each Mom Blogger throughout the initiative to answer questions, troubleshoot and ensure that her review and giveaway are conducted in a timely manner
  • Read each Mom Blogger review/giveaway for factual and grammatical accuracy; contact the Mommy Blogger if changes need to be made
  • Provide weekly review/giveaway posting reports
  • Tabulate final results
  • Obtain Mom Blogger feedback about the campaign

What Results Can I Expect by Working with Wendy’s Bloggers?

A Wendy’s Bloggers initiative comprised of 35 Mom Bloggers will generate a minimum of 5,000,000 impressions.

Each Mom Blogger will use a variety of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and others to drive engagement and promote your product review and giveaway.

A press release about your Wendy’s Bloggers initiative — approved by you — disseminated on a national wire service can generate thousands of impressions.

What Does it Cost to Work With Wendy’s Bloggers?

The cost to work with Wendy’s Bloggers depends on the number of Mom Bloggers you want on your team.

Who the Heck is Wendy?

wendyWendy is Wendy Hirschhorn. She has 30 years of experience in public relations and image/brand development for clients that include Balance Bar, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Pepper, Ernst & Young, LesserEvil Snack Co, Louis Vuitton, Pfizer, Pier 1 Imports, Rockresorts, Sam Adams Beer, Snapple and Verve Music Group.

Wendy was an early adapter on the Mommy Blogger front. She has built a loyal network of Mom Bloggers who regularly review and post her client’s products on their sites. Collectively they generate millions of impressions and generate tens of thousands of social interactions.

Wendy is the bridge between the brand and the Mommy Blogger. She makes sure that the needs and expectations of both are met. Wendy only recommends products she likes and only works with Mommy Bloggers who meet with her professional standards.

Wendy is fun and creative. You’ll definitely want Wendy in your corner!

Alright Already! Can I See Examples of Wendy’s Bloggers Work?

Absolutely!  Contact Wendy at wendy@wendysbloggers.com or call 212-826-8790.