Welcome Mom Bloggers!

What is Wendy’s Bloggers?

Wendy’s Bloggers is a bridge for brands to create valuable, on-going relationships with influential Mom Bloggers and their followers.

Why be on Wendy’s Bloggers List?

Wendy’s Bloggers knows that you take your blogging seriously and that you are committed to being a stellar brand ambassador. Wendy’s Bloggers provides you with a pipeline of family-friendly products for reviews and giveaways, maintains contact with you throughout the process, and makes sure that the brand executives recognize your efforts.

How Do You Get on Wendy’s Bloggers List?

Wendy’s Bloggers continually scouts for exceptional Mom Bloggers and may send you a request to be on the Wendy’s Bloggers list. You may also submit your credentials for Wendy’s Bloggers to review.

How Do You Work With Wendy’s Bloggers?

When you are on Wendy’s Bloggers list you’ll receive invitations and guidelines to participate in exciting, high-value product reviews and giveaways. Once you agree to participate, you’ll receive the product, product information (fact sheets, press releases, photos, logos, links, etc.) with ample time to use the product, write your review, and host a giveaway.

Wendy’s Bloggers will always:

  • Be available to answer your questions by email and phone
  • Respect your opinion about the product
  • Read your reviews and fact check them for accuracy
  • Acknowledge your work
  • Guarantee that brand executives receive the link to your review/giveaway.
  • Ensure that your giveaway winners receive their prize in a timely manner

How Do You Stay on Wendy’s Bloggers List?

You will remain on Wendy’s Bloggers list as long as you:

  • Write honest reviews that have style and flair
  • Proofread your reviews for spelling and grammar before you post them
  • Adhere to agreed-upon guidelines
  • Respond to requests from Wendy’s Bloggers for information and corrections
  • Use Social Media platforms to promote your review/giveaway
  • Garner a minimum of 500 entrants per giveaway

What are the Benefits of Being on Wendy’s Bloggers List?

Being on Wendy’s Bloggers list means that you are among the best of the best!

It means that you consistently do good work and that brands are proud to have you on board.

What Does it Cost to be on Wendy’s Bloggers List?

There is absolutely no cost to be on Wendy’s Bloggers list. In fact, you can’t pay to be on Wendy’s Bloggers list. It’s by invitation only.

Who the Heck is Wendy?


Wendy is Wendy Hirschhorn. With 30 years of experience in media relations and image/brand development, Wendy was an early adapter on the Mom Blogger front. She has built a loyal network of Mom Bloggers who regularly review and post her client’s products on their sites.

Wendy is the bridge between the brand and the Mom Blogger. She makes sure that the needs and expectations of both are met. Wendy only recommends products she likes and only works with Mom Bloggers who meet with her professional standards.

Wendy is fun and creative. You’ll definitely want Wendy in your corner!