MOM Blog tour frequently asked questions

Mom Blog Tour brings highly influential Bloggers to national food trades shows where they interact with your brand, review your new and existing products, and create original, authentic and shareable content, photos, and videos. They expand your reach with millions of impressions, extend the impact of your participation in the trade show, reinforce your brand messages, and provide qualified leads.

Mom Blog Tour is all about impressions, engagements, and recognition. As a Sponsor you get:

  • A minimum of 15,000,000 impressions and consumer engagements

  • One hour of productive face time with 10 Bloggers at your booth

  • A minimum of 100 social shares on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

  • Ten product Reviews

  • Ten original recipes and/or creative use of products

  • Participation in a Super Colossal Giveaway

  • Inclusion in two Mom Blog Tour press releases


  • Quality content that is proofread for grammatical and factual accuracy

  • A minimum of 50 professional photos

  • Increased online traffic

  • Blogger-produced videos

  • Elevated SEO rankings

  • Posting reports

  • Metrics report

Mom Blog Tour recruits a team of 10 influential Mom and Food Bloggers from around the U.S. Each Blogger is an exemplary writer, photographer, and recipe developer.

We ensure they are thoroughly prepped about your brand and ready to work for you before, during and after the show. In addition, we oversee all content produced by the Bloggers and provide you with links to all their blog posts and social shares.

You could plan and organize your own tour, but why would you want to?

It’s a lot of work. You’d need to seek out 10 qualified bloggers, vet them, and educate them about your brand. You’d need to write and obtain 10 signed contracts from them, plan and pay for their travel, accommodations, and meals, and monitor them before, during, and for several months after the tradeshow to ensure they’re doing everything you contracted for.

You’d also need to respond to the Bloggers’ myriad questions and concerns on a timely basis. Tracking and reviewing the content on their blogs and 100+ social shares for factual and grammatical accuracy is essential. You’d need to write, edit and disseminate two press releases on a national wire service, compile a comprehensive metrics report, and handle unexpected situations as they arise.

Plus, you’d also need to take charge of these activities, which requires substantial time and a monumental learning curve, especially if it’s your first time organizing a Blog Tour or working with Bloggers.

Our estimate for you to do this on your own would run at least $45,000, not including staff.

Absolutely. The Bloggers’ reach, combined with their consistency and credibility, make them your best in-the-field sales advocates. Product and brand awareness grow because millions of consumers trust our Mom and Food Bloggers.

You meet a total of 10 Bloggers. The Bloggers are escorted to your booth by a Mom Blog Tour representative at a time you select. You can meet with all 10 Bloggers for one hour or you can meet with two groups of five Bloggers – each group for one-half hour. You engage with the Bloggers, have them sample your products, give them time to take photos and shoot video, and most importantly, build excitement. When you’re excited about the Bloggers and their mission, they’re excited about you and your brand.

Bloggers are vetted based on the quality and creativity of their blog posts, social shares, photography, and their ability to develop recipes and to use products in novel ways. They are recruited nationally by-invitation-only.

On average, the Bloggers post new content on their blogs at least three times a week and certify that they have a minimum of 60,000 followers on their blogs and social platforms.

Bloggers must be able to consume and use your products (i.e., no tree nut allergies, no lactose intolerance, etc.) and must be able to represent your brand free and clear (that is, they are not currently brand ambassadors for any of your competitors).

Most importantly, they must be spirited and enthusiastic team players deserving to be on Mom Blog Tour and committed to doing first-rate work for you.

Practically nothing! Mom Blog Tour representatives take the lead in making sure you derive maximum benefit from your participation. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on meeting the Bloggers.

You only need to provide your logo, links to your website and social platforms, two product shots, a one-page product overview, the times you want to meet the Bloggers, and products for the Bloggers and for the Giveaway Winners.

Here are things you can do to build enthusiasm among the Mom Bloggers:

Be prompt and focused on your Blogger meetings. Have a backup if you need to arrive late or depart early.

Make sure you, your team, and your booth are camera ready.

Arrange your products creatively (on platters, colorful plates, etc.) for sampling and for additional photo ops.

Arrange for the Bloggers to be seated at your booth or have a place in the booth where they can safely store their personal belongings.

Give the Bloggers time to take photographs and shoot video.

The Bloggers take notes during your presentation. Speak up and speak slowly.

Emphasize your key messages.

Have fun! The Bloggers look forward to meeting you and learning about your brand. Do whatever you can to make the experience truly memorable for them and for you.

You can promote the content the Bloggers create for you by sharing the links to their Reviews on your homepage or special landing pages.

You can let the public at large know that you support and value the work of Mom and Food Bloggers by posting our Mom Blog Tour press releases on your news page and social platforms.

You can keep the momentum going by signing up for the next Mom Blog Tour or having us host a custom Blogger outreach campaign or Twitter Party.

Category exclusivity is based on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, we ensure the Bloggers are not currently ambassadors for any of your competitors.

While we can’t guarantee how much business you’ll gain, we guarantee with confidence that you get a minimum of 15,000,000 impressions, 10 reviews that each include a minimum of five original photographs, an original recipe or creative use of your products, live links to your web and social platforms, your brand logo, and inclusion in our Super Colossal Giveaway.

Blog readers and followers love Giveaways. To generate maximum exposure, we consolidate prizes from each Mom Blog Tour Sponsor into a single super colossal giveaway with high perceived value. The Super Colossal Giveaway increases traffic and consumer engagements.

The Bloggers promote the Super Colossal Giveaway on their respective blogs and social shares for up to three months.

Consumers who enter the Giveaway can opt-in to hear directly about special offers from the participating Sponsors.

Wendy’s Bloggers provides the Sponsors with the names and email addresses of these qualified leads.

Typically one million consumers enter the Mom Blog Tour Super Colossal Giveaway. If just three percent opt-in to hear from our Sponsors, that’s 30,000 leads.

The fee for participating in the Mom Blog Tour represents a very small add-on compared to what you are already spending. Yet months and years after the tradeshow ends, Bloggers continue to carry your message and brand story to their followers generating a minimum of 15,000,000 impressions and consumer engagements.

Mom Blog Tour Sponsors appreciate that content from our Bloggers is authentic, heartfelt, professional and creative. Therein lies its greatest value.

Here’s what a few of our many Sponsors told us:

“We were delighted to once again sponsor Mom Blog Tour organized by Wendy’s Bloggers at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. The interest and excitement displayed by the visiting mom bloggers contributed extra energy to this great opportunity to showcase our products. We are already experiencing the ripple effect on our website and digital properties as the bloggers share their impressions from the Tour with their followers.” – Tim Macy, Vice President, John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks

“We were impressed with the results from Mom Blog Tour. Each blogger captured the essence and story behind KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates. Their audience was engaged on each social media platform, which created additional buzz and awareness for our brand.” – Leslie Stachowiak, Associate Manager Public Relations, Kohler Co.

“Mom Blog Tour was an effective way to build not only online visibility and generate buzz during the very busy show, but also a great way to reach the larger social community. Being able to connect in person to share our brand story and sample our products in an authentic way proved to be an incredible opportunity for us to increase our brand awareness and reach a sizeable audience. We would certainly work with Wendy and her team again.” – Kate Tayloe, Director of Marketing, Saffron Road

In addition to sharing your enthusiasm and excitement about your brand and products, we recommend you make a commitment to engage with the Bloggers on their social platforms, share the Bloggers’ content with your consumers and stakeholders, and create special offers such as coupons, discounts, and free shipping for readers of your Mom Blog Tour reviews.

Mom Blog Tour directors are available to help you maximize engagement and return on investment and are available prior to the show to discuss specific strategies for working with the Bloggers.

Yes! Friends of Mom Blog Tour is a program for non-food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and venues that want our Bloggers to promote their products and services.

We arrange partnerships between small appliance and housewares manufacturers whose products are used to prepare or serve recipes created by the Bloggers.

We present the Bloggers with beauty products, electronics, clothing, shoes, items for kids, teens, and men, which the Bloggers promote on their social platforms.

Our Bloggers love to share their experiences at restaurants, hotels, and venues, that support Mom Blog Tour.

Tradeshow representatives meet with our Bloggers to educate them about food and industry trends, which the Bloggers share with their followers.

We are pleased to boast a lengthy roster of Sponsors, many of which signed up for multiple Mom Blog Tours:

FOOD: Academia Barilla; Amazon Pepper Sauce; Back to Nature; Brazi Bites; Brooklyn Bean Roastery; Capatriti EVOO; Celebration by Frey; Cento; Colman’s Mustard; Coleman Steak Snacks; Crown Maple; Dole; Dr. Praeger’s; Felix Lingonberry Jam; Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates; Loacker; John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks; Mary’s Gone Crackers; McCann’s Irish Oatmeal; Moon Cheese; Popcornopolis; Power Up; Real California Milk; Saffron Road; Stonewall Kitchen; The Republic of Tea; Two Rivers Coffee; Wisconsin Cheese; Wyman’s of Maine.

HOUSEWARES: Bialetti; Hamilton Beach

LIFESTYLE: Coppertone; It Cosmetics; SelectFlex; Trish McEvoy

RESTAURANTS: The Palm (Chicago); Old Homestead Steakhouse (New York City); Carmine’s (New York City); Scala’s Bistro (San Francisco); Grasslands BBQ & Churrasco (Anaheim); Snowopolis (Anaheim)

ASSOCIATIONS: National Confectioners Association

There are three Mom Blog Tour sponsorship packages that are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs.

Price ranges from $3,500 to $12,500. All packages include guaranteed impressions and consumer engagements, face-time with the Bloggers Qualified Leads, inclusion in two press releases, metrics report, links to all posts, increased website traffic, elevated SEO, and professional photos.

To discuss the package that’s right for you, contact Wendy Hirschhorn, at 212-826-8790, or

How do we sign up for Mom Blog Tour or Friends of Mom Blog Tour?

Contact: Wendy Hirschhorn, 212-826-8790,

Follow the conversation on #MomBlogTourFF