Wendy’s Bloggers Offers New Way for Brands to Create Valuable Relationships With Mommy Bloggers

Wendy’s Bloggers Offers New Way for Brands to Create
Valuable Relationships With Mommy Bloggers

NEW YORK, (March 19, 2013) – Wendy Hirschhorn, a veteran publicist with blue chip clients, has launched Wendy’s Bloggers, a bridge for brands to create valuable relationships with influential Mommy Bloggers and their followers.

Mommy Bloggers are typically defined as stay-at-home moms in their 20s or 30s with at least one or two children. Many of them got into blogging to supplement their family income and found that they really liked sharing tips on saving money, raising kids and reviewing products. For many, their honesty and opinions attract thousands of like-minded women.

Three years ago, Hirschhorn began to build a powerful network of Mommy Bloggers who regularly reviewed and posted her clients’ products on their websites and hosted product giveaways.

“Although there were nearly four million Mommy Bloggers to choose from, it was not an easy process to find really great Mommy Bloggers,” Hirschhorn said. “At heart, they are moms and wives first, bloggers second. I had to screen hundreds to find those who met my professional standards. That included the ability to write cohesive reviews, to generate sufficient traffic to their sites; and to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and other social sites to promote their product reviews and giveaways.”

Along the way, Hirschhorn took the time to get acquainted with the Mommy Bloggers in her network. “They really valued that I was paying attention, reading their reviews and offering writing and editing tips,” Hirschhorn said. “As a result, I got valuable insight about their likes and dislikes.

“While most Mommy Bloggers wanted to be brand ambassadors for a select group of brands, it was difficult for them to penetrate companies that would provide products for review. Moreover, they felt unappreciated and underutilized by the companies whose products they did review.”

Hirschhorn understood. “I knew they were up against companies that just didn’t have the time, staff or, in some cases, the inclination to follow up with them,” she said.

That was the “aha” moment for creating Wendy’s Bloggers. “I had what brands, retailers and consumer products companies needed: the experience, the time, and a network of dedicated Mommy Bloggers,” Hirschhorn said. “And I had what Mommy Bloggers wanted: an advocate, a soundboard and the means to contact the brands, retailers and consumer goods companies they longed to reach.

Wendy’s Bloggers at Your Service

Wendy’s Bloggers provides brands, retailers, consumer goods companies and their marketing, advertising and public relations agencies a cost-effective, methodical and consistent way to work with Mommy Bloggers.

A full-service Wendy’s Blogger initiative includes:
• A carefully vetted group of experienced and influential Mommy Bloggers to host your product reviews and giveaways
• A pledge that Mommy Bloggers will have a positive connection with your brand
• Creative concepts for reviews and giveaways
• Incentives to help drive traffic to your brand’s website
• Assurance that your brand messages, product shots, videos and links are incorporated into all reviews
• Value-added options
• White-glove shipping logistics for Mommy Bloggers and giveaway winners
• Reviews and giveaways that are posted in a timely manner and fact checked for accuracy
• Links to reviews and giveaways
• Consistent contact with Mommy Bloggers
• Measurable results
• Mommy Blogger feedback

For more information, visit www.wendysbloggers.com. To see if your brand or product is the right fit for Wendy’s Bloggers, contact Wendy Hirschhorn at wendy@wendysbloggers.com or 212-826-8790.
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About Wendy’s Bloggers
Wendy’s Bloggers is a bridge for brands to create valuable relationships with influential Mommy Bloggers and their followers. It was founded by Wendy Hirschhorn, a publicist with 25 years of experience, who has worked with national and global companies including, Balance Bar, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Pepper, Ernst & Young, LesserEvil Snack Co, Louis Vuitton, Pfizer, Pier 1 Imports, Rockresorts, Sam Adams Beer, Snapple and Verve Music Group. For more information, visit www.wendysbloggers.com. You can always contact Wendy at 212-826-8790 or wendy@wendysbloggers.com.